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Building the new Grammar School Together.

Well done, my good and faithful steward.

All followers of Christ long to hear these words. God calls us in numerous places, in His Word, to be faithful stewards of all that we have and all that we are. More than twenty years ago the founders of Veritas Christian Academy entered into a covenant with God. They sought to be that place and those particular people who offered a Classical Christian education in this part of the country.

For more than twenty years, Veritas has been faithfully striving to maintain the high standard set and fulfill the goals. We have sought to be faithful stewards.

From the very beginning, the Board has acted to be wise with the facilities and the funding needed for buildings. For about the past ten years we have used modulars to house a number of our classes. The lease on the modulars expires in mid-2020. A clear need was made to replace these modulars. After much praying and planning, we acted responsibly and sought the best building for the best cost. It was clear that Cooper Construction was the construction company to work with over the next several months toward this needed goal of a new building.

(Previous modulars removed December 2019)

Faithful stewardship is the habit of purposeful giving of time, energy, abilities, and material goods. Faithful stewardship is fully informed by the genuine conviction that all that we have and all that we are is a gift from God. Faithful stewardship is God graciously calling us to participate in His kindness toward others when we faithfully attend to this key part of our life. We seek to remain faithful rewards of all that we are and all that we have at Veritas.

It is our prayerful goal to raise 1.8 million dollars to build a building that our Grammar school will grow into for the next several years. We desire to stay out of debt as another way of being faithful stewards. Among Classical Christian schools all over the country, one approach for growth has repeatedly worked. As our Grammar school grows, so will our Logic and Rhetoric school grow. In other words, the new Grammar school building will benefit all of our students and teachers through the entire school.

With the new building we could grow numerically to 260 students in the Grammar school. We are mindful that the best growth is growth in quality, not just quantity. During this time, we remain selective on securing like-minded families that desire a Classical Christian education. Also during this time, we are acting to ensure that we are offering a Classical Christian education that is truly a benefit and blessing to all within our community and have a school that will bring God glory.

(The new building is in use since August 2020.)

Some are faithful stewards out of a great sense of duty, some out of an overwhelming sense of love, and some out of sheer gratitude. In reality, God motivates us in different ways and uses us all in different ways. Faithful stewardship, like all discipleship, is rooted in our relationship with God through Jesus. It is not ever about merely “taking care of” or “being responsible for” something or someone or “giving a certain dollar amount.” Truly faithful and Biblical stewardship is wonderfully and fittingly anchored in the very grace from which comes our full identity in Christ. It is not just the grace of salvation or the grace of giving, it is the grace of being. We echo the words of Paul, “I am what I am by the grace of God.” (I Corinthians 15:10).

Here are the ways you can make a donation:

- Make a Donation Online.

- Purchase a Brick!

- Call the Veritas Front Office at 828-681-0546

- Send a check to Veritas Christian Academy, located at 17 Cane Creek Rd., Fletcher, NC 28732

- Meet with Dr. Woods to Discuss Your Gift