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PTF Annual Fundraiser

Pick a Date to Donate


Enriching the Veritas experience for our community.

Purpose: Enriching the Veritas experience for our students, staff, and community is an integral part of the VCA PTF mission. 100% of the funds raised go towards this purpose. Too many enrichments to list here, however, check out our website page to see a short list of the many ways your VCA PTF strives to cultivate an outstanding experience for our VCA Community.

Goal: 100% of Veritas Families and Staff participating in the Pick A Date To Donate Campaign.

How It Works: Each family and staff member is encouraged to join in to support the fundraising campaign and will receive one packet of materials. Additional materials are available upon request. Each day on the calendar is associated with a donation amount. For example, Day 1 is $1 and Day 31 is $31. Donors may choose more than one date to sponsor. Participants will connect with people in their networks to obtain donations to cover all the days on their calendar (1-31). As a bonus, for those donors who wish to give larger contributions, there are also Silver $100, Gold $500, and Choice options (for any amount not represented on the calendar).

Thank you for partnering with the VCA PTF in enriching the Veritas Experience for our Veritas Family (students, staff, community) – the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

Each year the PTF partners with the school to support and facilitate many functions, improvements and activities for the Veritas Community. These activities are made possible by your support. Join us in contributing to the enrichment of our students, teachers, staff, and community.